Friday, 25 August 2023

Time and Tide at SOCK

Artist Saintly Amok and I have been asked to repeat our performance of Time and Tide at SOCK gallery in Loughborough.

We'll be performing in the SOCK gallery space (which is in Loughborough Town Hall) on Friday 8th September, 7:30-8:30pm.

Time and Tide was devised by Saintly and me as a result of the publication of her woodblock print in Issue 6 of Imminent (the Red Hot issue). Jointly we wrote a piece inspired by the print, which then developed into a performance which we first performed at Leicester Print Workshop in January. In a subtly staged space, we invite an audience to sit between the to and fro of the tide of our words: we will read from the zine across the space, lead a meditation and respond to our audience's marks on paper. Each performance is unique in that it responds to the thoughts of those who attend. We have found the event to generate a calm and beautiful space for reflection.

If you are in the area and looking for an unusual experience, we hope you will join us. Issues of Imminent will be available for sale.

Sunday, 11 June 2023

Imminent Special Offers

It's time to make some space in the store, so I am offering Issues 4, 5 and 6 of IMMINENT for a special price of £10 for all 3, while stocks last.

Issue 4 is the orange issue, held together by ideas of time and landscape: seasonal change, endurance walking, times of day, eons of land formation and climate change.

Issue 5 What the Tide Does is a collaborative issue in blue and yellow. The work is the result of a long distance conversation between me in England and Robert Hogg in Canada, which started in 2021 with swapping poems, books, stories and ideas between us.

Issue 6 is the red hot issue, remembering the heat of the summer months, wild fires and record temperatures, and welcoming the coolness amongst the autumnal colour.

You can order all three copies for £10 + p&p by clicking here.


I'm also offering a gift of my miniature origami to the first 30 orders of Issue 7 (purple). You can order Issue 7 and other individual issues from my new online shop, click here.

Thank you for you support.

Saturday, 13 May 2023

Imminent 7 folded

 IMMINENT Issue 7 is folded and creased and being posted to readers.

The very first issue of IMMINENT reflected on the material, including the paper that the zine itself is printed on, as you hold it in your hand. It set the tone for how I have thought about every issue, and with number 7 I'm carrying on exploring thoughts about paper and the link between the conceptual and the tangible.

Thanks to poems by Phil Hall, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Peter Dent and Mark Goodwin, paper and folding are referenced in different ways. Some of the poems link paper to the natural world and phenomena. I've been playing with folding and origami myself for some time, which I have linked to the gifts of nature and (through the hand-made) the idea of people hand-working with material, bringing one closer to the connection with the material world, which I feel becomes more and more important to sustain. As a result, the first 30 orders of Issue 7 will receive a miniature, hand-folded gift from me.

I've also included a poem by JC Niala that made me think about paper maps, and the relationship between enclosures on the land and colonial map-making. JC has travelled to over 45 countries and lived in 3 continents, gathering stories and performing poetry. Her work Fences is beautifully crafted to consider the cultural differences in thinking about land.


Phil Hall has contributed an extract from his book The Ash Bell, described as a long poem sequence: anthems, letters, journals and aubades; ruminations, cloisters and promises; ogres and custodians.

Mark Goodwin's latest chapbooks are: to 'B' nor as 'tree', published by intergraphia; Of Gone Fox, published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press, and you can read his short essay on poetics and place just published on Briefly Write.

Deborah Tyler-Bennett promotes poetry nights most months at The Needle and Pin in Loughborough, presenting readings by a wide range of poets in a relaxed small venue, which has included me reading from IMMINENT and I hope to do so again.

Peter Dent sends me his work on paper. They arrive in the post, typed and hand-signed, often accompanied by a hand-written letter. Correspondence by Royal Mail is a lovely process when putting together an issue that thinks about paper and the tangible.

As I read the issue page by page, links occur between poems and artworks, and I become aware of the page turning in my hand, and the central fold. I hope you will enjoy the experience too.

You can order IMMINENT Issue 7 from my shop page, and the first 30 orders will receive a hand-folded gift from me. Thank you for your support.

Sunday, 23 April 2023

Events imminent

I'm currently preparing the next Issue of IMMINENT to start posting out in May, which is exciting, and there's some great events by artist friends and poets coming up which could interest you. 

Image by Saintly Amok
IMMINENT contributor Saintly Amok is holding a Seed Sankalpa at Primary in Nottingham, on Sunday April 30th. Described as a seed planting workshop and Intention Ritual, the gathering takes inspiration from ceremonies carried out by rural farming communities to honour the land and bless seeds and tools for the coming season of cultivation. I've really enjoyed working with Saintly over the years, and her ritual / meditative workshops are beautifully calming and contemplative experiences. The workshop is free to attend but you need to book. Read more here.

The wonderful Carlisle Poetry Symposium is due to take place on 13th May. This annual event includes free workshops, speakers and poetry readings, open mic and a book table, with a range of poetry books and pamphlets available (including IMMINENT). The Symposium is a generous event, with all sales going directly to the poets to support their work. Read more here.

Do attend an event to support the artists and poets if you can, and if you would like to support IMMINENT you can buy or subscribe on the Shop page at this link.

Thank you.

Sunday, 16 April 2023

Of Light: A Celebration of the Poetry of Robert Hogg

Robert Hogg (Source: Facebook Profile)
Another reading of poetry in memory of poet and scholar Robert Hogg will take place on 27th April at Carleton University, Ottawa, where Robert used to teach. Guest speakers will read poems from Robert’s 56+ year publishing career to celebrate his life and poetry.

Speakers include IMMINENT contributors Chris Turnbull and Phil Hall (Phil's poetry will appear in Issue 7 coming out next month), as well as Jennifer Baker, Natalie Hanna, Rob McLennan and Collet Tracey. Read more about this event and the speakers.

Robert Hogg and I collaborated to make issue 5 of IMMINENT, which was published in his final year, 2022. You can read more about Issue 5 What the Tide Does: Port Mann Bridge in my previous blog post.

One of Robert's colleagues at Carleton, Cameron Anstee, wrote a wonderful post about Robert and his poetry at this link. The final photo of Robert illustrates exactly how I think of him: funny, intelligent, kind and open.

Sunday, 5 February 2023

Robert Hogg 1942-2022

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Robert Hogg last November.

Robert contributed to Imminent a number of times and we collaborated from a distance to create Issue 5 What the Tide Does: Port Mann Bridge which came out last May.

The issue published Robert's poem that he wrote in 1964 at the beginning of his career, with my images and Afterword created in response to the poem. The issue now seems to contain the sense of the span of his whole career.

I never met Robert in real life, who I knew as Bob. Our correspondence floated between Canada and England, frequent emails which showed Bob to be humorous, generous and stoic. He was always encouraging and championing other poets, as well as genuinely interested in my work. He often asked me about my process and how I formulated ideas, which challenged me to describe in words my visual and often abstract way of thinking.

Phil Hall, who is also an Imminent contributor, has alerted me to an evening of readings on 12th February in memory of Bob Hogg taking place in Vancouver. If you are near that part of the world, please do consider going along.

Thank you, Bob, for all that you did.


Sunday, 29 January 2023

An evening of poetry & prose at the Needle & Pin

I'm delighted to have been invited to read from Imminent at the next Needle and Pin poetry night on Tuesday 7th February at 7pm at Needle and Pin (micro-pub), The Rushes, Loughborough.  Hosted by Deborah Tyler-Bennett.

The evening also features poets from the East Midlands anthology Where We Live (by Angela Reddaway, Helen Sadler, Liz Nash and Jill Simpson).

There will be an Open Mic and book table.
So do come along and feel free to pass the date on to your poetry friends.

The poetry night is a regular event at Needle & Pin, organised by Deborah Tylet-Bennett, who is planning more exciting poetry this year including from Andy Croft, North East poet and editor in chief of Smokestack Press.