Sunday 15 May 2022

Imminent 5 What the Tide Does

Imminent 5 is a collaborative issue. The work is the result of a long distance conversation between me in England and Robert Hogg in Canada, which started in 2021 with swapping poems, books, stories and ideas between us. When Robert sent me the poem that inspired this issue, I found that I read it again and again, each time finding more in the words, and it set me off on my own research and lines of thought. All this seemed worthy of creating an issue with just Robert's poem, and my images in response.

The to and fro of our email conversations echo the two and fro of the poem in Imminent 5:  Robert Hogg's poem, What the Tide Does - Port Mann Bridge makes the main text of the publication. Inspired by this, and my own research of the Port Mann Bridge over the Fraser River in British Columbia, I created a series of images to accompany the poem, and put them together to create the fifth issue of Imminent.


Robert and I have reflected on the colours of the issue - I chose blue and yellow which, since I made that decision, has come to have another meaning worldwide in the light of the war in Ukraine. The colours were chosen for how they work together visually, and how they overlap to create a third colour, green - which can be achieved using the riso printing technique that I use for the zine. The first page of the poem talks about colours (colors in Robert's spelling! I chose to stay with the authenticity of the Canadian spelling rather than change it to my English), so it felt important that my first decision was about colour. The chosen colours can denote sky, water, sunshine, land - the colours of landscape. Some of my images intentionally bleed sky, water and land together, which, having read about the flooding of the fierce and tidal Fraser River, expresses how I think of it - a living, changing, yet ever constant force that shapes its land and the lives around it. All these ideas, and more, are woven into the issue.

Printed on recycled paper using plant based riso inks, I hope you enjoy the issue, which can be ordered from my shop page. Imminent 5 is selling quickly, so do grab a copy while you can.

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