Monday 27 November 2023

Imminent 8 - energy


In the last year I have been grateful to have made contact with artists and poets who are new to me, and have now become part of the Imminent community. Imminent issue 8 is now available, and includes artist Sally Adkins for the first time, as well as Imminent regulars Saintly Amok, Peter Dent, Rupert M Loydell, Andrew Taylor and Chris Turnbull.

Sally Adkins is an artist printmaker based in walking distance of the River Derwent, on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire. Her current work explores, through print, the movement of river water, including two images that have been translated from her original etchings into riso prints for Imminent. Sally's work seems perfect for the zine, as she relates them through their titles to poetry, in this instance the work of Alice Oswald.

Sally inspired the conversation that I have aimed to create in the zine between writing and artworks, and led me to read Alice Oswald and write a piece informed by that and the other works in Imminent 8. Tying the works together is the idea of energy, an invisible force which runs through everything, through us and through the elements. Issue 8 explores ways of thinking about energy as a natural force and as an environmental concern.

I have received a few more subscriptions for Imminent in the last few months, and messages from people who have become collectors of the zine, receiving every issue from when I started it in 2020. You can subscribe from my shop page.

You can also browse and buy issues that are still in stock from my Etsy shop.

Thank you for all your support, which helps keep the zine going. It is my labour of love and has built this wonderful community of artists and writers who regularly contribute. I'm also asked more and more to present, talk or perform at events, which I am happy to do, so let me know if you have an event you would like to invite me to!

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