Sunday, 15 November 2020

Imminent Issue 2

Issue 2 of Imminent is now available - my little zine of contemporary art and poetry.


Lockdown 2 caused Imminent 2 to be delayed - just like Imminent 1 - but only by a couple of weeks this time, rather than months! This was a relief as the recent sense of seasonable change is the perfect time to launch the new issue.

As the first frosts appeared and the wind strengthened, throwing rain at my window and flipping my letterbox flap, I grew impatient about the delay, knowing that the November Imminent heralded the coming of winter - beautiful poetry by Penelope Shuttle, Jim Caruth, Peter Dent and Rupert M Loydell, speaking of rain, snow, time and blue - I felt that this issue needed to be read within this span. Inspired by the poetry, and fluid images by Helen Goodwin, Mita Solanky and Mary Hayes, I wrote a piece about ice and water moving across the world. Water and ice is changing our planet and it's something I've been making work about recently, with my ongoing series of Future drawings - perhaps some of this will appear in a future issue.

How fitting too that the first issue opens with a poem by the wonderful Debroah Tyler-Bennett, A Charm for a Lockdown. This issue is timely and, I hope, will bring a little beauty to help you get through the darker months.


Issue 2 can be ordered below. Includes contributions from Jim Caruth, Jo Dacombe, Peter Dent, Helen Goodwin, Mary Hayes, Rupert M Loydell, Penelope Shuttle, Mita Solanky, Deborah Tyler-Bennett.
Imminent Zine
Issue 2 November 2020
A5 12 pages
£2 + p&p 

Riso printed with plant based inks on recycled paper

(p&p is for UK only, if you are outside of the UK please contact me)


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