Thursday, 8 September 2016

Digital excavation

Since The Reliquary Project exhibition, I spent part of the summer watching progress at the Bradgate Park excavations and making some drawings. Although I'm still progressing some work with bones, I am also interested in some of the work at Bradgate with the landscape itself, and I'm intrigued by some of the surveyors' techniques.

I was also invited to visit another archaeologist at a place known as Ruskin Land, part of the Wyre Forest in the West Midlands, and I've become involved in their consultations about the arts and the natural world. You can find out more about what's happening at Ruskin Land on their blog. I was inspired by my visit to the forest, which came at a good time as I'm already working on a commission for part of another forest, the ancient Rockingham Forest in Corby.

Putting together some of my ideas using the techniques that archaeologists use with my interest in the woods, I've been experimenting with digital imaging techniques and creating animations that explore the internal structures of forests. Here's a short clip of one of my experiments.

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