Wednesday, 24 February 2016

La Huesera in Pit Prop Woods

I have been invited to take part in a project by Miriam Keye, a dance and movement artist.

Her project will take place in the woods of Pit Prop Woods (where Carole and I led a walk last year; always good to re-visit a site). Miriam is pregnant with twins at the moment, and so her project is taking on the timescale of her pregnancy and she is responding to the experience of growing in her body in conjunction with Spring blossoming in the woodlands. The project will also draw on folklore of wildness and women, such as La Huesera, a Mexican tale of the Bone Woman.

It will be really interesting for me to work with a dance artist in a woodlands. My woodland projects have been very much about connecting with the senses, which is what Miriam is doing through movement. I love the part in her video where she is walking barefoot with very aware steps across crackly dried leaves!

Miriam is looking for backers to help support her project, which will take place this Spring. Please visit this link for more information and to see Miriam's video, and support us if you can, or share the link with people you know. Many thanks.

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