Sunday, 4 November 2012

Slow Walking

It was great to spend some time with artist Anne-Marie Culhane last week, when I took part in the Fruit Routes project.

Anne-Marie is involved in many interesting projects and I was intrigued by her description of her practice as a slow walker. She has learned to walk incredibly slowly and feels this changes her perception of the environments through which she walks, altering her sense of time and the present moment and connecting with her internal self. This resonates with some of the thoughts I have had recently on walking as a meditational practice (I have been intending to write some blog posts on this idea, I promise I will do that soon!).

I found the link below to a project Anne-Marie completed in collaboration with Bob Levene, which further illuminates the slow walking practice. In The Blink of An Eye was recently shown at the National Media Museum in Bradford.


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