Saturday, 10 December 2011

Working with sound

Continuing my work with young people at New Walk Museum, we've been putting together a sound track to accompany the World Arts exhibition.

Putting on headphones and listening to evocative sounds can really transport you to another world in your imagination.  Our aim at New Walk is to add to the visual experience of looking at the exhibits by introducing other sensory experiences, so the sound track will be one of those elements.

This doesn't work like a traditional audio guide that you find in museums.  The group and I want to create something more exciting and unusual.  There will be no factual information given in our sound track.  We've looked really closely at the objects on display and created sounds that relate to what you see, and we hope that when people listen to those sounds they will also have to search with their eyes to find the object in the display case that could be making that sound.

I really enjoy working with sound and experimenting with new ways to use it.  At Nottingham Contemporary I work with a group called the Navigators, an amazing and creative group of visually impaired people who have been working with me for over a year.  We have come up with an idea for creating an unusual audio guide for the Contemporary and we're just looking for funding now to see if we can make this happen next year.  We also started a new film project this week... but I'll tell you more about that another time!

And watch out for my Sound Sculpture workshop coming up in the New Year - on the weekend of the 7th and 8th January at Nottingham Contemporary - open to all ages so come along and have some fun making your own creations to add to the cacophony that will fill the big Space!

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