Thursday, 14 July 2011

I am working on making new Resource Packs for Nottingham Contemporary.

They are going to trial this as an idea for visitors with children to the galleries.  They can pick up one of these fabric packs and use them to explore the exhibitions in a playful way.

Because I need to make several of them, I decided to screen print them.  Made of cotton, they unfold into a big mat that families can sit on in the galleries.  The mat will have several pockets containing objects, textures, and ideas for exploring the exhibition.

They're taking longer to make than I had anticipated!  But it's really good to be screen printing again.  At the moment the packs are half printed and hanging all around my studio.  I'm quite enjoying the abstract compositions that they make hanging up.

I'm also making each one slightly different, and I want it to be obvious that it is hand made rather than machine made.  I'll be layering other patterns on top.  Each one will be unique.

Not just a resource pack, but a unique piece of hand crafted art to play with when you visit the galleries.  Should be fun.

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