Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Colour of a Walk

One of the options I considered when thinking about the map I am making for the River Nene was to trace the colours along the river.

As I boated, canoed and walked along the river last summer and into the autumn, it became apparent to me that different parts of this river had their own overall distinct colours.  The Higham Ferrers end has the remnants of an industrial history and there are glimpses of concrete greys and rusted irons here and there.  As you get towards the villages of Fotheringhay and Wadenhoe the colours change to a more dominant stone colour of the buildings, with blasts of bright yellow rape fields.

I rejected this idea in favour of other considerations for the river map (to be unveiled in April at the Riverlands performance), however I am keeping the idea of mapping the colours of a walk for another day.


I have been blogging all over the place this week, here is a round up of other writings:

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I started describing the idea behind each of the images in our Dream Walk on the Sidelong blog, and photos of the glowing images installed on the night can be seen on our Facebook page;

and an article on one of my workshops at Nottingham Contemporary appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post:  Pupil's eyes opened to the challenge of modern art.

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